About TFA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives and futures of the young youth living in the slums of Katanga, Kamwokya and Naguru Go Down through tennis, education and mentoring them in a safe environment they can trust


 Founded in 2012 by Coach Vincent Muwereza and Coach Julius Kyobe with the aim of creating opportunities for children living in slums of Kampala, especially those from low-income families and communities, to learn a lifetime sport and, more importantly, develop into healthy, well-rounded, well-educated, tolerant and compassionate human beings who will contribute to making their community and the world a better place.


Today we are currently working at three schools in Kampala: East Kololo Primary School, Shimoni Primary School and Ntinda school for the Deaf. At each school we are running a weekly tennis program.  Kids of all ages learn to play tennis. We believe this program encourages discipline, gives confidence and develops a love for a sport that keeps children off the streets.

At East Kololo, we are also building a reading program. Twice a week children come and practice reading in English and better this skills. We have noticed that many children, especially in government schools, struggle with reading and need extra assistance to become proficient readers. This program encourages a love for reading by offering books that the kids want to read and by letting choose books out of a library that they care for and organize.

In Ntinda, we offer crafts to children at the deaf school. We realize that primary school may be the end of their education because of the great expense of paying for a deaf school. A vocational skill offers these children a better life and the ability to provide for themselves in the future. Currently, we are teaching sewing, jewelry making, crochet, and knitting.


On Saturdays, kids from the neighboring slums of Naguru and Kamwokya walk to the school in Kololo to play tennis, learn to make crafts and better their reading skills. Every week, each child chooses which program they would like to participate in based on their interest. There are about 50 children that attend this program every week. On Sundays we invite teachers from a local international school to come to the Katanga slum to teach reading comprehension with children in another charity program called Hope for Katanga Kids Projects. We have partnered with this program for years and love to see how the kids grow and learn from our volunteer teachers.

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