Tennis For All Uganda implements health activities that covers a range of topics that relate to general health, reproductive health and Hygiene.

The training sessions help young people understand the basics of their body, develop skills for personal and household hygiene and understand sexual health.

The materials to run these activities have been developed by the Ministry of Health and Reproductive Health Uganda and the activities are implemented in schools, on and off the tennis courts.

Tennis For All Uganda is also actively involved in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other related illnesses through creating awareness.

The organization designed a program called Hitting Aids. The initiative is about using tennis, physical activities and games to educate young people on the pandemic, promote behavioral change and enhance their life skills that would help them as they face challenges that come with the pandemic. Under this area, tennis is used as tool for Outreach, communication and peer education on HIV/AIDS, focusing on preventative education and breaking down stigma.

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