Tennis Development

Tennis Training

We believe sports and education is fundamental part of any child’s development. Sports encourage a child to be active and healthy. It instills ideals of teamwork, cooperation, leadership and discipline and brings the
enjoyment and happiness that can change a child’s life forever.”

We believe anybody can play tennis. Any child from any background and any community, No matter what their age, shape or ability

Project Objectives

  • Is to make it possible for all children to pick up a racket and take up the sport. Even those children who never dreamt tennis was for them. And especially those who don’t normally get the chance to follow their dreams.
  • To open tennis up to any child and every child, making it possible for them to enjoy the many health and social benefits of the sport while maximizing their personal potential
  • To make tennis a sport which is inclusive and accessible
    to all unprivileged children and communities

Why Do We Do It

Because tennis is a great sport, yes. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful force in children’s lives that can help them stretch, grow and flourish in so many unexpected ways. It’s not just about what happens on the court. Whatever wider potential someone has inside them, tennis can help bring it out. We take tennis into places it’s never been before, into all kinds of
communities and neighborhoods. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just token words for us. They are at the heart of everything we do. Take our work with schools and communities. By helping more and more young players take up the sport, we equip them with a sporting attitude that stays with them for the rest of their lives. For us, there’s no barrier stopping anyone from enjoying tennis. We know this is true because we’ve helped children with a wide
range of disabilities play and love the sport. To help us deliver our vision, we work closely with the Uganda Lawn Tennis Association and a wide range of diverse partners 

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