Vocational Skills Training

Vocational training program is a skills development program aimed at empowering young youth between the ages of 14 – 18 years with vocational skills that will help them in their adulthood

In Uganda, education is unreliable as most of the young people come from disadvantage family depending on less than one dollar per day which makes it difficult to keep their children in school.  Even children that have the opportunity to go to university might not find a job in their field. We believe that by teaching children vocational skills such as Tailoring and construction, we are ensuring they can provide for themselves. 

Children may use these skills as their main source of income or as a means to support further education. The possibilities for children who have at least one skill in Uganda are endless. Not only shall we be giving them skills but also a place to be off the streets during school holiday as many children in slams get into trouble and find themselves with STI’s, abusive relationships, injured in car accidents or arrested especially during the school holidays as they do have nothing to keep them busy. Our goal is to not only to prepare them for the future but also to help children participate and find a love for good, life-enriching activities with friends who want the same things


The mail goal of this project is to empower children between the age of 14 – 18 years with vocational skills that will help them in future.

With our new Vocational training center in Mpige, just an hour outside of Kampala, building will serve as our holiday training center where we can transport children out of the slum environment to a positive environment where they can grow in their knowledge of tailoring, construction, tennis, reading skills. The program will always be held 3 times a year as a training camp during the school holidays for 2-3 weeks, depending on the funds available to run the program, this program will focus on training 10 – 20 children within and outside the project for duration period of 1½ years (15 weeks)


Within the 15 weeks, 10 – 20 children will participate in Vocational Training Program with the initial goal of 50% of beneficiaries to be engaged within income-generating activities formally or informally following receipt of training.

Beneficiaries will become self-reliant and strongly resilient in addressing their challenges through newly acquired skills and learning.

Beneficiaries will be able to use the acquired skills to enhance their careers and employment prospects.

Beneficiaries will be able to use course completion certifications provided by the Project to add value to their curriculum vitae and enable wider career opportunities.

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