Skills Development

Holiday Vocational Training

TFAU holiday vocational training program is a skills development program with a view to equip young people in its tennis project between the age of 10 – 18 with practical knowledge and skills for employ-ability during the school holidays

In Uganda, education is unreliable as most of the young people come from disadvantage family depending on less than one dollar per day which makes it difficult to keep their children in school. Even children that have the opportunity to go to university might not be able to find a job in their field.

We believe that by teaching children vocational skills such as Bricklaying and sewing, we are ensuring they can provide for themselves.
Children may use these skills as their main source of income or as a means to support further education. The possibilities for children who have at least one skill in Uganda are endless.

Not only shall we be giving them skills but also a place to be off the streets during school holiday as many children in slams get into trouble and find themselves with STI’s, abusive relationships, injured in car accidents or arrested especially during the school holidays as they do have nothing to keep them busy. Our goal is to not only to prepare them for the future but also to help children participate and find a love for good, life-enriching activities with friends who want the same things


To equip young people in the Tennis for all tennis project between the age of 10 – 18 with practical knowledge and skills for employ-ability during the school holidays


To produce artisans and entrepreneurs in Technical and Vocational disciplines who can offer quality services in this era of social-economic transformation in Uganda.


  • To provide vocational training skills to young people between the age of 14 – 21 who are at the risk of dropping out of school at an early stage due to various factors like poor family background
  • To enhance employ-ability and provide a skilled foundation to build a career
  • To empower young people to believe in their dreams
  • To enable the acquisition of income through formal and informal job prospects so that they can support themselves
  • Foster a change in community attitudes whereby everybody is given the opportunity to succeed.


The mail goal of this project is to equip young people in the Tennis for all tennis project between the age of 14 – 21 with practical knowledge and skills for employ-ability during the school holidays

With our new Vocational training center in Mpige, just 1½ hours drive outside of Kampala, the building will serve as our holiday training center where we can transport children out of the slum environment to a positive environment where they can grow in their knowledge of Sewing and designing, Bricklaying and construction and reading skills.

The program will always be held 3 times a year as a training camp during the school holidays for 2-3 weeks, depending on the funds available to run the program, this program will focus on training 10 – 15 children within and outside the project for duration period of 1½ years (15 weeks)

Project Calender


The holiday vocational training program will run in what we call HOLIDAY TRAINING CAMP and all trainees will have to train for 5 holiday training camp (1½ years) in order to achieve their goal and enrolled out.

Initially the programme will be start on May 6th 2019 with 8 trainees from the Tennis for All tennis program enrolled on a Bricklaying and construction  programme which will be delivered by a local Bricklayer instructor from Monday – Saturday every school holiday for 1½ years.

The sewing program will be scheduled to start in the Second holiday training camp in August 26th 2019.  During this period, a teaching programme/course will be developed, feedback sought from trainees, and a comprehensive budget developed to support the development of the programme to enable effective roll-out.

In the first year of the training program, we will have 3 holiday training camp.

Below is the project calender for the first year training

Training camp Start Finish
First campMon 6th May 19Fri 24th May 19
Second campMon 26th Aug 19Fri 13th Sep 19
Third campMon 2nd Dec 19Fri 20th Dec 19
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